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Iʼm floating over salty marshes

I got swept away


We're in a lot of debt

Let's sell all our things and start over


The smoke is moving in your veins

Your heart starts to thump

And it comes back to you


And say goodbye

To all the stupid things


A life without a lack

But not without machines


The words start to come back

With an edge to them


If you wanted it, you could take it as-is

But you don't want it anymore


And I'm just waiting

To get off this rock, like I always do


Terrace walls, white walls,

My heart and blood go to her


If you hate me as much as God loves everyone else

This might work out well


If I gave you my heart

Would you remember your own?


I didnʼt come this far

Not to know what you are


When I saw no way ahead

I was taken unawares


So as we stare into the endless sun

We can't help but hope


And when it's all over

I can turn the wheel

And put the car back in drive


The dead live

Inside us